Our mission and values

Since its foundation as a family business Florensa, it has been committed to a focus on innovation and development in order to provide adequate and appropriate responses to the specific needs of each region and horticultural florícola.Estas answers are based in high-value sources: knowledge, observation and Tecnología. De Thus, in Argentina Florensa, we strengthen ties with our customers. We know and truly serve the specifications and / or nutritional and physiological requirements, ensuring more than 70 years, seed “made to measure“.


The FLORENSA brand was born, grown, and will continue to grow in the Argentine market. It has developed over time, giving of modernization and seeking new purposes to excel. Confidence achieved in time, in terms of quality seeds, he won the support of the permanent clients choose.
On open lines (OP) have all varieties of horticulture; and in hybrid with finding own genetic lines we have made agreements and alliances in order to get new varieties.

foto_eusebio_florensaSince early 1942 that are now three generations that have a particular relationship with responsibility and perseverance to permanent growth Florensa Argentina SA as a producer, importer and exporter of seeds. In addition it fractionated and sells all kinds of vegetable seeds, flowers, bulbs and turf; also boasts a wide range of agrochemicals, fertilizers, substrates, peat, plastic greenhouse, field machinery, sprayers, planters, irrigation equipment, and miscellaneous supplies for the producer.

Always close

With its headquarters located opposite the current Market Hall in Córdoba capital location that meets the needs of its customers farmers in the area, extending its coverage with four branches located in Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Oran (Salta) and Humberto the 1st . in the city of Cordoba.

Florensa in the world

Internationally Florensa bet strongly to growth in the countries of the region with the firm belief to win a significant market share.


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